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Field of specialization

Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies

We bring intelligence to metallic components development

Combining artificial intelligence and cognitive technologies with business intelligence solutions, advanced data management and expert metallurgical knowledge opens a new horizon for the advanced manufacturing of metal components.

AZTERLAN has developed standardized ready to deploy methodologies and technologies specifically designed for the metal industry.

Our Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies team offers metal-mechanic companies the support and technological expertise they need to take the definitive leap towards advanced, efficient and defect-free manufacturing.

Dr. Javier Nieves
Javier Nieves, PhD.

Head of Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies

Industria 4.0 e Inteligencia Artificial

Our offer for industrial clients

Tailored 4.0 industry solutions

AZTERLAN combines the knowledge of the latest technologies with an extensive experience and knowledge of the main metallic transformation processes, such as casting (ferrous and non-ferrous alloys), forging, stamping and lamination.

Industrial and economic benefits

The technologies developed by our team are aimed at reducing rejection rates and quality problems and saving raw materials and energy costs. Thus, they improve the management of manufacturing processes, favoring positive results and cost savings.

Zero defects manufacturing

The goal is to create perfect components, that is, metallic parts that will not require further operations that do not add value while ensuring they meet production requirements. That way costly final inspections are also reduced.

Control your manufacturing process

Contact our team if you think that a smart management of your manufacturing process can improve your results.


Re·Thinking Metallurgy

«Our work is aimed at mastering the physics and the chemistry that govern the behavior of metallic alloys, the phenomena that take place during manufacturing processes and the conditions that affect the useful life of metallic components.

We rethink metallurgy to develop more effective, efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes that favor the manufacture of components with enhanced properties and that open up new fields of application».

Garikoitz Artola, PhD

Garikoitz Artola, PhD
Director of Forming Technologies

Susana Méndez, PhD

Susana Méndez, PhD
Director of Foundry Technologies

Aitor Loizaga

Aitor Loizaga
Iron Foundry Technologies

Asier Bakedano, PhD

Asier Bakedano, PhD
Light Materials

Fernando Santos.

Fernando Santos
Special Materials and Processes

Lucía Unamunzaga

Lucía Unamunzaga
Sustainability and Environment

Dra. Enara Mardaras

Enara Mardaras, PhD
Corrosion and Protection of Materials

Dr. Javier Nieves

Javier Nieves, PhD
Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies


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