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System to extract gases from injected aluminum molds

Reduce porosity and defects in parts manufactured by HPDC.

Manufacturing HPDC aluminum parts with improved properties.

Alu-V® (and Alu-V+ for greater size parts manufacturing) is a forced ventilation system developed by AZTERLAN to generate low-medium vacuum in injected aluminum molds in order to avoid defects in components manufactured using HPDC technology.

It reduces porosity and improves the soundness of manufactured components, favoring, in particular, the creation of parts with thin walls, the development of structural components and ensuring the weldability of injected parts.

alu v


Before After
Easy integration in the manufacturing process

System features

Robust and compact equipment

Results and data management

Installation requirements and linked services

Technical features of Alu-V® and Alu-V+® systems

A doble solution targeting aluminum parts soundness

Sequential vacum

Vacuum level (mbar)

Dimensions (mm)

DCM (t)

Pollution test

HPDC for structural components (High vacuum)


Basic monitorization

Full monitorization: Air flow vacuum pressure synchnonized with the die casting curves

alu v

2 stages










3 stages









Alu-V, herramienta de generación de vacío en HPDC, en instalaciones industriales.
Avoid air leakages in molds

Towards 4.0 HPDC manufacturing

The Alu-V® and Alu-V+® systems offer all the vacuum pressure monitoring data synchronized with the casting curves.

This is highly relevant information that can help detect pressure leaks in the molds and, with this, prevent manufacturing defects due to poor mold closure.

Curvas vacío inyección AluV

Manufacture injected components with optimized properties

Contact our team if you think we can help you optimize any aspecto of your manufacturing process.


Shaping the
Foundry of the Future

“The Foundry of the Future is that of connected processes that is able to take advantage of the knowledge generated inside the company at the same time that it keeps learning from its manufacturing and market experience.

Along with a deep knowledge of metallurgy, Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced data management systems and machine learning technologies have landed in this industry to transform the way castings are conceived”.

Susana Méndez, PhD

Susana Méndez, PhD
Director of Foundry Technologies

Aitor Loizaga

Aitor Loizaga
Iron Foundry Technologies

Asier Bakedano, PhD

Asier Bakedano, PhD
Light Materials

Dr. Javier Nieves

Javier Nieves, PhD
Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies



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