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Chemical testing area

Chemical charaterization

AZTERLAN’s chemical department is equipped with top-level techniques that allow us to combine the reliability of the results with the speed of response.

Our analytical offer is wide and our technicians own an in-depth knowledge of our customers’ needs so they can offer individual responses to the particular needs regarding certain materials.

International Standards of reference

ASTM D5016-16, ASTM E350-18, ASTM E415-17, ASTM E1019-18, ASTM E1086-14, ASTM E1409-13, ASTM E1447-09(16), ASTM E1621-13, ASTM E1868-10(15), ASTM E1999-18, ASTM E2575-08, ASTM E2823-17

ISO 11536:2015, ISO 16232, ISO 3815-1:2005, ISO/TR 17055:2002

UNE 35056-1:1983

UNE EN 10351:2012, UNE EN 10361:2016, UNE EN 14242:2004, UNE EN 14726:2006, UNE EN 15605:2011

UNE EN ISO 439:2011

David Lopez
David López

Head of Chemical Department

Related contents

Main testing services

Get a clear presentation of the results of all the key parameters of the analyzes carried out, with all traceability guarantees.

Ensure that your components meet the requirements of the different industrial sectors based on international standards.

Know and evaluate the behavior of experimental materials and new component designs.

  • Metallic alloys (cast iron, steel, aluminium, copper, nickel, tin, lead, titanium, etc…).
  • Pure metals (tungsten, titanium, tellurium, selenium, bismuth, lead, etc…).
  • Refractory materials.
  • Ferroalloys and inoculants.
  • Waste from incinerators, soil recovery processes, recovery of higher value materials…
  • Analysis of particulate matter in ambient air (particle size and chemical characterization).
  • Analysis of chimney filters.
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Classification of materials
  • Separation of materials
  • Certification of material 
Find your test
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Specialization fields

Technical cleanliness of components
Test accredited according to ISO 16232 and VDA 19 specifications.
Fastening elements
Bolts, nuts and threading elements.
Welded joints
Testing, inspection, training and much more.
Diagnosis of defects and failures in service
Forensic analysis of the origin of defects and premature failures.

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