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Professionals from the metal-mechanical industry deepen their knowledge about machining operations from cast components at IK4-AZTERLAN

The technical session has had the collaboration of specialists from the company FUCHS LUBRICANTES S.A.U. and from IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Centre, with the main goal of sharing the latest advances on machining operations and metal working fluids.


A good number of professionals from machining companies and foundries gathered within this technical framework at the facilities of the IK4-AZTERLAN Technology Center, focused on machining strategies for metallic materials.

The outstanding technical program aimed to share advanced experiences and knowledge about the machining of cast components and to present the latest developments in the metal working fluids and coolants to give a response to the current technological and environmental challenges associated to these operations.

As a Technology Centre specialized in metallic materials and transformation processes, the researchers Mikel Lekanda and Gorka Alonso from IK4-AZTERLAN shared with the participants how metallurgical characteristics of the metallic materials influence their machining conditions and the final outcome.After a first presentation that reviewed the many factors affecting the machining of iron cast components, Mr. Alonso presented advanced strategies for the control of residual stresses in cast pieces by using destructive and non-destructive measurement methods (X Ray diffraction techniques, hole drilling method based on tension sensitive properties, propagation of cracks), as well as stress reduction methods (mechanical, electromagnetic, …).

On the other side, the experts from the company FUCHS LUBRICANTES S.A.U., Mr. Jordi Penella (Machining Product Manager), Mrs. Mireia Borrás (Head of Machining Soluble Products Laboratory) and Dr. Arturo G. Casielles (Hydraulic and Lubrication Product Manager), presented the latest advances regarding the development of machining fluids, from the fluid types, compositions and their main functions, to the keys to make an appropriate choice.

Mr. Jordi Penella shared with audience an advanced system to evaluate the performance and the quality of these fluids, based on the knowledge and expertise that the company has developed on machining operations and on the equipment. Mr. Penella also talked about the evaluation of the product used, making special emphasis on those critical parameters to be optimized (corrosion, lubrication, cleaning, foam, emulsion stability and microbiological resistance).

From a regulatory and environmental view, Mrs. Mireia Borras unveiled the new regulatory framework and the novel formulation strategies followed for the elaboration of metal working fluids. Mrs. Borrás exposed initially the traditional technology in soluble cutting fluids to focus later on, on how the current regulations (REACH, CLP, BPR) require certain strategy changes (product information, tagging, recommendations for use, packaging, waste management, etc.).

To conclude the working session, PhD Casielles made a technical presentation about the reliability and efficiency of the hydraulic circuits of new generation, showing new developments that increase the efficiency of these circuits and improve physical properties like density (incompressibility), viscosity and conductivity.

It has been an interesting technical working frame with a relevant participation of technicians and professionals from our industry, aimed to improve knowledge and exchange advanced experiences on the always complex metallic materials machining operations.


PhD. Casielles (FUCHS LUBRICANTES S.A.U.) and researcher Mikel Lekanda (IK4-AZTERLAN) during the technical event.


Azterlan Team
Azterlan Team
RE·Thinking Metallurgy. 40+ años acompañando a la industria metal-mecánica.

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