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Technical Conference “Optimization of welding processes for offshore applications”

On June 18, the AZTERLAN Metalllurgy Research Centre will host this technical session dedicated to welding processes for offshore applications, which will focus on post-welding heat treatments and improving the properties of welded components.

In the field of joining technologies, welding processes play a fundamental role in the metal-mechanical industry. From the manufacture of large structures for sectors as relevant as Oil & Gas, Energy, Naval or Automotive, to carrying out easy repairs on worn parts, welding processes are key to responding to the needs of the different industrial sectors.

In order to strengthen the knowledge of technical personnel and specialists in the field of welding, create synergies between collaborators, and move towards the manufacture of safer and more efficient components, during this session, experts and specialists in the sector will share their knowledge and experience in regards of this fundamental areas of engineering. Likewise, the latest trends, innovative techniques and best practices that drive development and excellence in the welding and materials industry will be discussed.


Jornada técnica: Procesos de soldeo para aplicaciones offshore

You can access the whole program and registration procedures here: https://forosdeconocimiento.es/

  • “A small change for a big advance. Influence and evolution of gas mixtures.” NIPPON GASES / Txema Alday. Product Manager
  • “New developments of welding consumables and components to minimize the emission of welding fumes.” VESTALPINE BÖHLER WELDING / José María Miguel. Technical director
  • “Heat treatments during welding: suitable consumables and errors to correct.” VESTALPINE BÖHLER WELDING / José María Miguel. Technical director
  • “New generation of Offshore flanges.” GRI FLANGES IRAETA / Pedro Verdasco. Q&E Manager
  • “Advanced characterization of offshore components. CTOD tests in welding.” AZTERLAN Technological Services / Urko Uribe. Head of the Physical Testing Area
  • “Weld Overlay Defect Repair Procedure in Hard-to-Access Pipes.” NEWTESOL / Borja Saiz. CTO
  • “Hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon. Particular cases in welds.” AZTERLAN R&D / Josean Goñi. Materials Director
  • “Possibilities to increase the deposition speed in different types of welded joints”. VOESTALPINE BÖHLER WELDING / Erwin Gering. Manager Global Industry Key Accounts, Wind energy, steel construction and pipemills
  • “Improvement with alternative mixtures in the welding of offshore stainless steel components.” NIPPON GASES / Txema Alday. Product Manager
Azterlan Team
Azterlan Team
RE·Thinking Metallurgy. 40+ años acompañando a la industria metal-mecánica.

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