Metallurgy Research Centre


Enara Mardaras: “We cannot avoid corrosion, but we can reduce its impact acting directly over the materials”

Corrosion is a natural and unavoidable phenomenon which has a significant impact on people, environment and economy. The direct costs associated to corrosion for the Basque Industry are estimated to reach up 3.5% of the GDP. Enara Mardaras, head of Metallic Materials Corrosion and Protection research line at AZTERLAN tells us more about the main aspects that concern the industry regarding corrosion and the working lines of AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre in this field.


COVID-19: we keep our activity running

Regarding the current health alert scenario due to COVID-19 pandemic, AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre would like to inform you that we keep our activity and our operative capacities running. Thus, we keep offering materials characterisation, homologation and certification services and working to ensure the proper performance of our R&D projects.


AZTERLAN strengthens simulation capabilities in the field of heat treatments

The Technology Centre specialized in metallurgy and metallic materials transformation processes has recently incorporated the capabilities of the program SysWeld. An additional tool that supports the wide experience with the specialized software Thermolcalc (design and optimization of heat treatments) and Dictra (prediction of the behaviour of metallic components during heat treatment).