Metallurgy Research Centre


IK4-AZTERLAN researcher Garikoitz Artola presented his doctoral thesis on hydrogen embrittlement phenomena from high strength steels

Directed by Dr. Javier Aldazabal Mensa (University of Navarra) and Dr. Ana Isabel Fernández (IK4-AZTERLAN), the thesis “Hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steels: behavior in marine environments and cracking pattern modelling” was recognised with a distinction of Excellent by the evaluators. The evaluators committee was formed by Dr. José Manuel Martínez Esnaola (TECNUN – University of Navarra), Prof. Dr. Denis Badiola (TECNUN – University of Navarra), Dr. Asier Bergara (CEIT-IK4), Dr. Carlos Angulo (EHU/UPV) and Prof. Dr. Sergio Cicero (University of Cantabria).


IK4-AZTERLAN takes part in the project EFFORT 4.0, aimed to the development of Artificial Intelligence and advanced sensorics for industrial transformation processes

Leaded by the ALCORTA Forging Group, the multidisciplinary consortium involved in the project EFFORT 4.0 is formed by Basque companies and innovation agents from diverse fields such as metallic transformation, energy efficiency and cybersecurity: Ekide S. Coop., Larraioz, Ulma Embeded Solutions S. Coop., Dominion, AYS, Ingetek, Ceiber, Titanium Industrial Security, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, IK4-IKERLAN, AC4C, Vicomtech, Ikergune, Deusto University and the IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy research Centre.