Metallurgy Research Centre


IK4 Research Alliance leads the European Project SENTRY

IK4-Azterlan is one of the three technical centers from IK4 Research Alliance taking part in this European Project, along with an important group of leading international companies like Dassault Aviation, Aeronautics IAI, Constellium and AELS.


The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness finances the R&D project focused on the development of an environment friendly free lead ammunition

The use of conventional cartridges with lead ammunition for hunting is a major source of pollution that poisons and kills many birds, in addition to the environmental impact generated on the areas in which these activities take place. Lead shots and/or bullets projected with each shot, disperse and may be inadvertently ingested by certain animals and birds, producing the well known "lead poisoning" or "poisoning" effect. A chronic poisoning caused by the absorption of lead or/and certain salts in their bodies.