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A sound vacuum system fully monitored to ensure the quality of the HPDC components

Gas porosity is an intrinsic feature of the HPDC process due to the fast metal injection that does not allow all the air traped inside the cavity to get out. The natural venting (basic venting runners) or the more effective chill vents are not enough to ensure the optimal air evacuation. Therefore, the question that matters is not if there is porosity in the HPDC produced parts, but if the level of porosity in the components is admissible from a quality standards point of view. In those cases where less porosity is required Vacuum Technology is needed. In this presentation AZTERLAN researcher Sergio Orden shares the new ALU-V® and ALU-V®+ technology that allows a sequential vacuum to avoid sucking effect during the filling, as well as the manufacturing of big size structural parts. In this short video you will also find:
  1. A comparison of the mass of air removed from the mold by natural venting vs Alu-V® technology.
  2. A case study where the use of Alu-V® technology made it possible to detect a leakage issue.

HPDC, High Pressure Die Casting, Aluminium foundry, injected aluminum, 4.0 industry, Vacuum technology, parts soundness, porosity reduction.


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