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Advanced inspecion and characterization of weldings and welded elements

In joining technologies, welding processes play a fundamental role for the metal-mechanic industry. From the manufacture of large structures for highly demanding sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Naval, Energy, Railway, Civil Works or Automotive, to performing simple repairs on deteriorated parts, the application of welding processes is key to give a satisfactory answer to the multiple needs.

The UNE-EN ISO 9000 standards consider welding processes to be special because, once executed, their quality cannot always be fully verified. Hence the importance of the procedures, controls and tests that have to be carried out to ensure their correct execution and performance.

Main international standards of reference

UNE-EN ISO 15614, UNE-EN ISO 9606, UNE-EN ISO 14732, UNE-EN ISO 17639, ASME IX, ASME V, ASME VIII, UNE-EN ISO 17637, UNE-EN ISO 5817, UNE-EN ISO 3452-1, UNE-EN ISO 23277, UNE-EN ISO 11666, UNE-EN ISO 17640, UNE-EN ISO 16811, UNE-EN ISO 23278, UNE-EN 1090-2, AWS D1.1/D.1,1 M, UNE-EN ISO 17781, UNE-EN 10225, UNE-EN ISO 10042.

Check ENAC schedule of accreditation

We have the technical and material means, as well as qualified personnel to respond to the needs of the sector

  • ENAC accreditation.
  • Deadlines adjusted to the needs of the industry.
  • Confidentiality guarantee.
  • Independent laboratory, with more than 40 years of experience in the sectot.
  • Top-tier technological capabilities.

The most comprehensive offer to ensure the
performance weldings and welding processes

Technological services

The most complete offer to ensure the reliability and durability of welded joints.

Non destructive testing

Our team evaluates the correct execution of the welding processes, according to the standard or specification established in each case, in order to reveal possible anomalies that could cause failures in service.

The tests are carried out by certified personnel (AEND).

Destructive testing

Tests according to international standards ISO, ASME, AWS and customer specifications.

Other services

A wide offer related to the advanced characterization of welded joints and welding execution processes.

Contact our team of experts in advanced characterization of metallic materials.

Urko Uribe

Urko Uribe
Head of Mechanical testing

Ibai Gallastegi

Ibai Gallastegi
Head of Corrosion testing

Carmelo Santamarina

Carmelo Santamarina
Head of Non Destructive testing


David López
Head of Chemical testing

Jose Antonio Goñi

Josean Goñi
Technical Manager of In-Service Failure Diagnosis


Contact Urko.

Contact Ibai.

Contact Carmelo.

Contact David.

Contact Josean.

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