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“Investment Casting Advanced Process Control for Industry 4.0”. Industry-oriented course coordinated by AZTERLAN and EICF

AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre, the European Investment Casters’ Federation (EICF) and the Tabira Foundry Institute have teamed up to offer this course targeted at industrial professionals aiming to improve the efficiency and the productivity of their manufacturing process with the help of industry 4.0 technologies and advanced process data management. The course will be held at the AZTERLAN facilities in Durango (Spain) from June 9th to 14th 2024.

In order to define a robust and stable manufacturing process that assures the final quality of the castings, process variability is an issue to overcome in order to avoid productivity inefficiencies (such as high scrap rates, consumption of resources and energy, along with other derived problems). With this objective, process monitoring and control tools are extensively being implemented within manufacturing processes.

However, these new opportunities and functionalities brough along by the digital transformation have created a new scenario where the range of possibilities for process control keep augmenting and the type and amount of data to be monitored and analysed are more abundant. Digitalization and process monitoring are named to revolutionize the way castings are manufactured; and to keep its space and competitiveness among the different manufacturing technologies of the future, foundries cannot stay aside of this transformation. This new reality claims for a rationalized and integrated revised philosophy of process control.

Focusing on this field, targeting a profound insight of what is going on in every step of the Investment Casting process by linking manufacturing parameters with the end features of components is key to a robust and efficient foundry process.

“Investment Casting Advanced Process Control for Industry 4.0” course

This training course, offered by AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre with the help of EIFC and the Tabira Foundry Institute, is designed to provide participants with advanced knowledge and practical skills in leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies for enhanced process control in Investment Casting. The course aims to provide participants with the ability to optimize production, improve product quality control and maximize efficiency in the investment casting process through the integration and application of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

The full program for the course and other information regarding lecturers and booking of spaces can be found in this official site: https://www.eicfeducation.org/


Azterlan Team
Azterlan Team
RE·Thinking Metallurgy. 40+ años acompañando a la industria metal-mecánica.

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