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Understanding Superfine Graphite iron solidification through interrupted solidification experiments

The tensile strength of near-eutectic gray iron can be increased from 230–300 to 300–345MPa, without a significant increase in hardness, through 0.3–0.4%Ti addition to low sulfur (<0.01%S) iron. This is due to the combination of higher primary austenite/eutectic ratio and the precipitation of superfine-interdendritic-graphite (SIG), characterized by a fine (10–20μm) and highly branched fibrous structure.

To reveal the influence of the %Ti on graphite shape evolution during solidification and its relationship to the solid fraction, quenching experiments at successive solidification stages were carried out on hypoeutectic alloys with 0.18% and 0.32%Ti. The graphite shape factors were measured, and their evolution as a function of the titanium content and the solid fraction was analyzed. SEM was used to evaluate the change in graphite shape during early solidification, as well as its nucleation and growth. The correlation between the oxygen in the melt and SIG formation was also explored. It was concluded that nucleation of graphite in SIG irons occurs on graphite substrates at the austenite/liquid interface because of carbon supersaturation.


Gorka Alonso, Doru M. Stefanescu (The Ohio State University and The University of Alabama), Pello Larrañaga, Esther de la Fuente, Edurne Aguado, Ramón Suárez


Gray Iron, Graphite Morphology, Interrupted Solidification, Titanium Additions, Oxygen Content


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