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Promotes late graphitization to ensure the quality of ductile cast iron components

A unique treatment that promotes the creation of new nucleation points in the last stages of solidification.

The metallurgical quality of ductile cast irons is established by their metallic charge as well as by their liquid state treatments (spheroidization, inoculation), holding temperature and holding time. All these factors directly affect the nucleation potential of the melt, and therefore the formation of undesired carbides and microshrinkage phenomena.

AZTERLAN has developed a Metallurgical Compensative Product (MCP) that boosts the self feeding capacity, with the precipitacion of new nucleation sites in the last stages of solidification process making it possible to obtain higher quality castings.

These are some of the advantages provided by this product:

Main Advantages

Promoting late graphitization in the last stages of solidification process

1) Creation of new nucleation points

Thanks to its patented unique composition, the AZTERLAN Metallurgy Compensative Product promotes the apparition of new nucleation sites (sulfides and selenides), leading to a greater ammount of graphite nodules.

The amount of graphite nodules increases by 20-25% in comparisson to non-treated melts.

2) Finer and more abundat graphite

Graphite nodules formed in the last stages of solidification process show a considerably finer size than those formed in first stages of cooling.

Added to the greater ammount of nodules formed, metallurgical quality and, therefore, mechanical properties, of the castings is signifincantly improved.

Before After

3) Castings with improved properties

An improvement higher that 80% in microporosity defects can be achieved, regarding the original metallurgical quality of the melt and other peripheric factors, such as temperature, holding time of the melt, pouring process, fitness of feeding systems etc.

4) Fit for industrial application

The AZTERLAN Metallurgy Compensative Product can be applied for industrial manufacturing of ductile iron castings and it is successfully used by several industrial manufacturers.

Currently, the patent exploitation rights of this invention are assigned to Ferroglobe company, which markets this product under “Inolate 85” trademark.

Before After

More efficient foundry processes

We can help you create parts with improved properties.


Shaping the
Foundry of the Future

“The Foundry of the Future is that of connected processes that is able to take advantage of the knowledge generated inside the company at the same time that it keeps learning from its manufacturing and market experience.

Along with a deep knowledge of metallurgy, Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced data management systems and machine learning technologies have landed in this industry to transform the way castings are conceived”.

Susana Méndez, PhD

Susana Méndez, PhD
Director of Foundry Technologies

Aitor Loizaga

Aitor Loizaga
Iron Foundry Technologies

Asier Bakedano, PhD

Asier Bakedano, PhD
Light Materials

Dr. Javier Nieves

Javier Nieves, PhD
Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies



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