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Influence of the Zn-Ni coating on the 300M steel resistance estimated by Small Punch Testing

The main objective of the study is to confirm in which coating conditions it is feasible to use Zn-Ni, as well as to delimit the parameters under which the dehydrogenation process must be carried out. In the same way it pursues:

  • Identify and characterize possible coating morphologies
  • Investigate the influence of the morphology of the coating on the dehydrogenation
  • Study the trend of mechanical properties using the Small Punch Test (SPT)

Ibon Miguel (AZTERLAN), Enara Mardaras (AZTERLAN), A. Salicio (CIDETEC), M. Lekka (CIDETEC), Garikoitz Artola (AZTERLAN), C. Angulo (UPV-EHU).


Electrodeposition, metallic powder, coatings, small punch test, surfaces, H2Free Project.


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