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Failure analysis of an AISI 310 stainless steel beam reinforcement fracture during service in a rolling beam furnace

This work investigated the premature failure of a beam reinforcement made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 310 used in the entrance of a rolling beam furnace working continuously at cycles from 650 to 850 °C. Fracture surface and microstructural investigations allowed to identify the fracture mechanism as fatigue failure. The fracture was probably initiated at the oxidized grain boundaries at an early stage of service life, when no microstructure degradation was present, while most of the fatigue crack propagation occurred after the precipitation of secondary phases. The microstructure investigation revealed severe microstructure degradation with the presence of intermetallic sigma (σ) phase (area fraction = 19 %) and M23C6 carbides (area fraction = 1 %), which were formed during the high-temperature exposure. Cracking of σ phases and decohesion at σ /austenite matrix interfaces were observed near the fracture and in the small punch test samples. Such discontinuities provide an easy path for crack propagation.


Andrea Niklas (AZTERLAN), Mikel Rouco (AZTERLAN), David García (AZTERLAN), Fernando Santos (AZTERLAN), Ángel Sanz (GHI Industrial Furnaces)


Austenitic stainless steel, AISI 310, Rolling beam furnace, Fatigue failure, Sigma phase formation, Alloy selection, Thermo-Calc, Small punch test, SPT, Vickers hardness, Hipermat project.


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