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Comparison of solidification kinetics of compacted and lamellar cast irons

Thermal analysis is largely used in cast-iron foundry shops as a means to check melt preparation before casting. It has been suggested that the shape of the cooling curves could be related to graphite form, either spheroidal, lamellar or else compacted. The present work is part of a larger study intended to improve melt control for compacted graphite castings by using controlled additions of sulfur and magnesium. Experiments showing lamellar graphite and their counterpart with compacted graphite have been selected for analysis and simulation of the thermal analysis records.

Simulation makes use of the fact that compacted graphite differs from lamellar graphite by the limitation of graphite branching in the former. Solidification of both types of irons may thus be simulated using the same basic growth law for irregular eutectics, though changing the parameters describing the branching capability of the faceted graphite phase. The increase of the undercooling of the eutectic plateau during solidification of compacted cast iron when compared to that of lamellar cast iron could be verified and reproduced by simulation. The limitations of the present approach which assumes the temperature in thermal cups is homogeneous at any time are also pointed out.


Anna Regordosa (AZTERLAN), Jon Sertucha (AZTERLAN), Urko de la Torre (AZTERLAN), Jacques Lacaze (CIRIMAT).


Compact graphite iron, Lamellar graphite iron, Magnesium, Inoculation, Solidification, Thermal analysis.


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