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High-precision 2D images to ensure the soundness of metallic components.

The AZTERLAN radiographic inspection is aimed at offering the best penetration capacity and image quality ratio for metallic components.

Radiographic inspection technique is a non-destrcutive testing method used at industrial level to detect and locate internal defects in ferrous and non-ferrous components (as well as other materials). It consists of performing an X-Ray test in real time. Therefore, it allows processing long batches of parts, assessing their soundness in a reliable and efficient way.

As an inspection technique performed by means of X-ray technology, it also allows obtaining images.

Carmelo Santamarina
Carmelo Santamarina

Head of Non Destructive Testing

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  • Test carried out by technitians with many years of experience.
  • Fully equipped and conditioned ad-hoc facilities.
  • Deadlines adjusted to the needs of the industry.
  • Confidentiality guarantee.
  • Independent laboratory, with more than 45 years of experience in the sector.


A non-destructive testing for the unitary inspection large batches.

Industrial applications

Verification of image controls according to UNE EN ISO 19232-1, UNE-EN ISO 19232-3, UNE EN ISO 19232-5/ASTM E2022.

Technical characteristics of the equipment

Radiographic inspection cell at AZTERLAN facilities.

The power of the equipment and the capacity of the reconstruction and evaluation software are two fundamental aspects of this test, since not every equipment offer the same analytical capabilities. The optimal selection of the power / image quality ratio is determined by the thickness of the part and the quality of the material to be inspected.

These are the characteristics of the AZTERLAN radiographic inspection equipment:


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