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Optimization of the magnetic properties of metallic materials for new technological challenges.

Characterization and modification of magnetic properties of materials.

Magnetic properties define the response of materials to a magnetic field. For this reason, they are a fundamental characteristic to be taken into account for a wide range of applications and sectors, such as electric vehicles, electronic devices, electric generators or medical equipment, among many others.

Understanding the mechanisms that influence the magnetic properties of materials and being able to modify or adjust them in order to combine them with other properties (weight-lightening, resistance to wear and/or to corrosion, mechanical properties…) opens significant fields of development and application for metallic materials.

AZTERLAN works on the study and modification of the magnetic properties of metals to adapt this feature to the needs of different industries and use scenarios by acting on diferent aspects, such as chemical composition or structural characteristics, as well as through specific treatments and processes that modulate the magnetic properties of materials.

Xabier Lasheras
Xabier Lasheras, Ph.D.

Forming technologies

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Study and optimization of magnetic properties

Main fields of development

aligned with the challenge of the electric vehicle

Electrical steels

The electric automobile industry is an emerging sub-sector whose importance will continue to grow in the coming years. This industry requires the development of materials with low magnetic losses to manufacture increasingly efficient electric-powered automobiles.


Wiring shielding

Steels with soft magnetic properties (low magnetic losses, high magnetic permeability) are required for shielding high voltage wiring, thus avoiding magnetic couplings.


Permanent magnets

Electric propulsion systems base their operation on permanent magnets. The geographical difficulties in obtaining neodymium, essential for producing the permanent magnets (NdFeB) most used for the manufacture of electric engines, encourages the search for other materials that can replace them.

Magnetic Characterization

Capacities of AZTERLAN

AZTERLAN has capabilities to characterize the magnetic properties of magnetic materials:

Likewise, AZTERLAN has capabilities and fully equipped laboratories to carry out a complete characterization of metallic materials and their properties (destructive and non-destructive tests), as well as capabilities for the fusion of new materials and the execution of thermal and cryogenic treatments.

Ensure the properties of your materials

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