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Our research challenges are defined by the needs of industry and society

Shaping the scientific knowledge that will be the basis of the technologies of the future.

Industrial challenges

The challenges and objectives of the companies that develop, manufacture and use metallic materials and components define our main lines of research and action.

Global social, environmental and economic challenges

Our activity is also fed by the challenges and concerns of global society and responds to the strategies that the different administrations and organizations propose to develop a more robust, efficient and responsible industry.

Cooperation and cohesion for global social, economic and environmental challenges.

The values and goals that set our research agenda

We are BRTA
AZTERLAN belongs to the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), one of the 10 largest R&D alliances in Europe, which brings together 17 technological agents from the Basque Country specialized in the fields: Materials and processes; Industrial management and manufacturing; Environment and recycling; Energy; Biotechnology and biomaterials; Technology of the information and communication; Mechatronic; Micro and nano technologies. Participation in the BRTA is one of the key aspects of the activity and the cooperative identity of AZTERLAN’s R&D&i activity. BRTA brings together 3,800 researchers, an annual budget of €300 million, 1,300 scientific publications and 100 annual patents.
Basque Coutry framework challenges

At AZTERLAN we are aware that, as a technology center with important links to the industry, we play a fundamental role in the development of the Basque Country strategy. Our activity is aligned with the RIS3 Strategy for smart specialization in the Basque Country, playing a strategic role in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing (Smart Industry) and Energy.

The PCTI 2030 assumes a triple technological-digital, energy-climatic and social and health transition, as a consequence of the impact on the Basque Country of the identified global megatrends. A triple transition that, properly faced, should lead to a more digital, greener and more inclusive Euskadi.

Challenges Europe 2030

Horizon 2030 is the financial instrument of the European Union to promote Innovation in order to ensure Europe’s competitiveness. R&D investment is a necessary element for the development of a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.

AZTERLAN works in line with the Horizon 2030 objectives by participating in international research and innovation projects, promoting the development of links between companies and the public sector.

Sustainable development goals

In September 2015, world leaders, through the United Nations, adopted a set of 17 global goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure global prosperity as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Each goal has specific targets to be achieved by 2030.

At AZTERLAN we are aware that, as an organization and technological agent, we have an important responsibility to help the industry and society evolve in the right direction, acting especially on the following objectives:

5 Gender equality
7 Affordable and clean energy
8 Decent work and economic growth
9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 Responsible production and consumption
13 Climate Action
17 Alliances to achieve goals

Re·Thinking Metallurgy

«Our work is aimed at mastering the physics and the chemistry that govern the behavior of metallic alloys, the phenomena that take place during manufacturing processes and the conditions that affect the useful life of metallic components.

We rethink metallurgy to develop more effective, efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes that favor the manufacture of components with enhanced properties and that open up new fields of application».

Garikoitz Artola, PhD

Garikoitz Artola, PhD
Director of Forming Technologies

Susana Méndez, PhD

Susana Méndez, PhD
Director of Foundry Technologies

Aitor Loizaga

Aitor Loizaga
Iron Foundry Technologies

Asier Bakedano, PhD

Asier Bakedano, PhD
Light Materials

Fernando Santos.

Fernando Santos
Special Materials and Processes

Lucía Unamunzaga

Lucía Unamunzaga
Sustainability and Environment

Dra. Enara Mardaras

Enara Mardaras, PhD
Corrosion and Protection of Materials

Dr. Javier Nieves

Javier Nieves, PhD
Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies

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