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Rethinking sustainability of metallic alloys

Advanced metallic materials are complex materials with very differents composition. As they are integrated into components, products and systems, their sorting and recyclability needs of innovative approaches.

In this presentation AZTERLAN shares some KEY ASPECTS for SUSTAINABLE RECYCLING to avoid the easy downcycling of advanced metals:

  1. Eco-Design of products/systems:
    • Study the chemical compatibility of the alloys to avoid poisoning of high-grade alloys.
    • Design and development of recycled friendly-alloys (more-scrap tolerant alloys).
    • Use easy disassembly system for non-compatible products (modular or standardised joining).
  2. Digital technologies:
    • Develop software compatibility tools.
    • Introduce Digital Passport to facilitate identification and separation by alloy grade.
  3. Guidelines for End-of-Life recycling of metallic products/systems for
    • “UP-grade RECYCLING”.
    • Promote valorisation of alloying elements of domestic scrap.

You will also find case studies and projects developed and partnered by AZTERLAN focused on developing innovative recovery methods and new materials developed with recycled materials.


Ana Isabel Fernández, Fernando Santos.


bigarren mailako metalurgia, material birziklatuak, birziklapena, altzairua, aluminioa, iraunkortasuna, Imagine project, Sentry project, Reintegra project, Soundcast project.


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