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Effect of mould inoculation on the formation of chunky graphite in heavy-section spheroidal graphite cast iron parts

The manufacturing process of heavy section ductile iron castings is strongly influenced by the risk of graphite degeneration under slow cooling rates. Appearance of this kind of defect is commonly linked to significant reductions in the mechanical properties of large castings. Studies on the effect of inoculation on chunky graphite formation in heavy sections have led to contradictory results in the literature and this triggered the present work. New experimental data are presented on the effect of mould inoculation on chunky graphite appearance during solidification of nodular irons which clearly demonstrate that mould inoculation increases the risk of chunky graphite formation in heavy sections. This is in agreement with some previous works which are reviewed, and it is suggested that the contradiction with other results could relate to the fact that these latter works dealt with chill casting.


Iker Asenjo, Pello Larrañaga, Jon Sertucha, Ramón Suárez, J.M. Gómez, I. Ferrer, Jacques Lacaze (CIRIMAT)

Grafito esferoidala, burdina urtua, sekzio astuna, galdaketa-moldea, lizunaren inokulazioa, grafitoaren endekapena, grafito lodia

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