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Characterization of the Ratcheting Effect on the Filler Material of a Steel Slag-Based Thermal Energy Storage

Thermocline thermal energy storage systems play a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency in energy-intensive industries. Among available technologies, air-based packed bed systems are promising due to their ability to utilize cost-effective materials. Recently, one of the most intriguing filler materials under study is steel slag, a byproduct of the steel industry. Steel slag offers affordability, ample availability without conflicting usage, stability at temperatures up to 1000 °C, compatibility with heat transfer fluids, and non-toxicity. Previous research demonstrated favorable thermophysical and mechanical properties. Nonetheless, a frequently overlooked aspect is the endurance of the slag particles, when exposed to both mechanical and thermal stresses across numerous charging and discharging cycles. Throughout the thermal cyclic process, the slag within the tank experiences substantial loads at elevated temperatures, undergoing thermal expansion and contraction. This phenomenon can result in the deterioration of individual particles and potential damage to the tank structure. However, assessing the extended performance of these systems is challenging due to the considerable time required for thermal cycles at a relevant scale. To address this issue, this paper introduces a specially designed fast testing apparatus, providing the corresponding testing results of a real-scale system over 15 years of operation.


Funding: This research was funded by the European Commission through LIFE programme, grant number LIFE20 CCM/ES/001733.


Erika Garitaonandia (AZTERLAN), Peru Arribalzaga (CIC Energigune), Ibon Miguel (AZTERLAN), Daniel Bielsa (CIC Energigune)


arku-labe elektrikoa; ohe enbalatua; zepa siderurgikoak; erresistentzia termikoaren probak; energia termikoaren biltegiratzea; LIFE HI4S EU proiektua


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