Metallurgy Research Centre

Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Technical and legal support is provided to companies in order to fulfill the environmental requirements, as well as to accomplish regularization of industrial activities, including all administrative authorizations.

Working lines
  • Environmental assessment
  • Consultancy solutions
  • Trainning
  • On site identification of the different environmental impacts of industrial activities (emissions, waste materials, disposals, ….) and determination of application requirements
  • Achievement and control of applicable legal procedures
  • Design and performance of individual itineraries for environmental requirements
  • Corrective actions, activity permits and Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA)
  • Source emissions inventory and regulation update
  • Identification and implementation of the Best Available Techniques (BAT)
  • Water collecting and dumping authorizations
  • HWs producer authorizations. Inscription of small producers in the corresponding follow up programs

Lucía Unamunzaga
Coordinator of the Waste Materials working line

Erika Garitaonandia
Coordinator of the Energy working line

Ander Areitioaurtena
Coordinator of the Air Quality working line