Metallurgy Research Centre

Sustainability and Environment

sostenibilidd y medio ambiente sostenibilidad y medio ambiente sostenibilidad y medio ambiente

The growing social concerns about environmental problems require a greater control and awareness of all aspects that may affect a sustainable development.Since 2006 IK4-AZTERLAN develops several strategic working lines focused on sustainability and environmental issues. Besides supporting other knowledge areas of the Technology Centre, the Sustainability and Environment area collaborates with companies to minimize their environmental impact and to coordinate a proper management of the resources and residues involved in the different industrial processes for the compliance of environmental regulations at different levels, in order to get greener products and processes, and to increase the competitiveness level of these corporations.The Sustainability and Environment area offers technologically advanced and eco-innovative solutions to the current needs of industry and society.

Services and developments of the different R&D programs are focused to achieve:

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes
  • Advanced waste materials management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental quality
  • Responsible use of natural resources

Environmental activities gather in these specialisation working lines:

  • Air quality
  • Waste advanced solutions
  • Energy

Lucía Unamunzaga
Coordinator of the Waste Materials working line

Erika Garitaonandia
Coordinator of the Energy working line

Ander Areitioaurtena
Coordinator of the Air Quality working line