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International Projects and Collaborations

The project SOUNDCAST - Vacuum-assisted high pressure die castings with reduced porosity at low cost is a project in the frame of the programme Research for the Benefit of SMEs (FP7-SME-2012-1, N° 315506). In this project an optimum solution for the reduction of porosity in aluminum high pressure die castings will be developed by adaption of a vacuum system at a very competitive price. The development of an alloy of recycled aluminum presenting improved mechanical properties reduces significantly the cost of the raw material and extends the die life, while the castings present an excellent ductility and weldability.


The project IPRO - Intelligent Foundry Business Process is financed by the programme EUROSTARS. The objective of the project is to provide the foundry enterprises with an integral process control system, which allows after capturing all the variables involved in the manufacturing of a part to determine the optimum parameters of each area of the production process in order to avoid the appearance of defects.


The project ENEPRO - New control system of the energy consumptions in the foundry is a project financed by the European programme MANUNET (ERA-NET), whose main objective is the development of a system for the optimization of the energy consumptions during the production process for the foundry sector.

  • D. M. Stefanescu • Ohio University (EEUU)
  • J. Lacaze • Toulouse University (France)
  • D. Hartman • Kempten University (Germany)
  • M. Garat • Former Project Manager at Rio Tinto-Alcan (France)
  • P. R. Roland • Former Vice-President of Technology at Vestas (Norway)

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