Metallurgy Research Centre

Physical and Mechanical Characteristics Tests

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The physical test area of AZTERLAN is designed to deal with all kinds of mechanical characterization tests. For this, it has top level equipment compliant with the most stringent test standard requirements.

The tests available in this area are as follows:

1. Tension test.

  • At room temperature.
  • At high temperature.
  • At low temperature.
  • At low speed.
  • In corrosive athmospheres.

2. Compression test.

3. Hardness test (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers).

4. Three point bending test.

5. Charpy impact test.

  • At room temperature.
  • At low temperature.

6. Instrumented Charpy impact test Dynamic analysis.

  • At room temperature.
  • At low temperature.

7. Fatigue tests.

  • S-N curves of materials.
  • Fatigue life of components.
  • Corrosion fatigue.

8. Fracture toughness tests, KIC, JIC, Fracture Crack grouth Rates and CTOD tests.

  • At room temperature.
  • At low temperature.

9. Torque-Tension tests.

10. Welder and welding procedure qualification tests.

The following are among the most relevant sets of equipment:

  • servicio técnicoTightening torque equipment for fasteners with capacities from 10 Nm to 30,000Nm.
  • Tension/compression machines with capacities from 200N to 1,500KN.
  • Fatigue test bench with grooved soleplate for multi-axial mechanical tests of a dynamic nature made up by three independent actuators (25KN, 25KN and 50KN).
  • Cryoscopy chambers for Charpy tests at low temperature (down to -196°C).
  • Axial fatigue machine with a capacity of 100KN and 250KN.
  • Charpy pendulum for impact flexural tests with a maximum capacity of 300J.
  • Instrumented pendulum for impact tests with a maximum capacity of 50J.
  • Climatic chamber for static or dynamic tests at low and high temperatures (from -120°C to +325°C).
  • Oven for static tests at high temperatures (from +100°C to +1300°C).
  • Vickers manual hardness tester (0.1÷30Kg).
  • Vickers automated microhardness tester (0.01÷2kg).
  • Brinell hardness tester.
  • Rockwell hardness tester.

Jose María Murua
Technological Services Manager
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Structural Characterisation Department Coordinator
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Non Destructive Testing Department Coordinator
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Chemical Department Coordinator
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Ibai Gallastegi
Corrosion and Protection Department Coordinator
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Mechanical Testing Department Coordinator
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Cryogenic Treatment Department Coordinator
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