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  • 28 de noviembre de 2017

World Foundry Organization Executive Board meeting

The Executive Committee of the World Foundry Organization held on the 6th of November its second annual working meeting in Incheon (Korea).

The WFO (World Foundry Organization) is an international network established in 1927 that actually gathers a total of 30 associate member countries, including the most relevant nations in terms of production, demand and technological development within the casting industry. A true landmark for the global foundry industry.

This working meeting from the WFO Executive Committee is part of an intense year of work of the organization, with the definition of a new strategic plan aimed to stimulate new initiatives to enhance the technological development of the casting industry and to improve the high added value cooperation links among its member countries.

IK4-AZTERLNA Metallurgical Research Center reaffirms its commitment to this worldwide organization, providing a direct backup support to the WFO and to its general secretariat since 2015.

WFO executive board meeting

World Foundry Organization Executive Board members at the Korean meeting