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  • 7 de noviembre de 2016

IK4 will showcase the latest trends in additive manufacturing

On 23 November the IK4 R&D Alliance will be running a technical seminar in which it will be tackling the latest trends in additive manufacturing and its impact on industry. The event will take place in the main building of the Science and Technology Park of Gipuzkoa in Donostia-Dan Sebastian.

The seminar entitled “Impact of additive manufacturing on industry: technological view and latest trends” is geared towards companies, universities and research centres interested in finding out about the latest realities, trends and future challenges in additive manufacturing.

During the seminar, Mr. Peter Sander, director of the “Emerging Technologies & Concepts” area at Airbus Operations, will be participating; he will be explaining the solutions based on additive manufacturing that the company is applying in its processes, the lines of work it is planning to tackle in the future and its general view with respect to the implications, opportunities and challenges posed by the gradual introduction of additive manufacturing into its industrial and services strategy.

For its part, IK4 will be analyzing in various papers the links forming the process chain in additive manufacturing by focusing on the latest aspects in terms of specific materials, machinery and applications.

Additive manufacturing, of interest for more and more industries, is one of the lines underpinning the concept of advanced manufacturing. This technique makes it possible to produce structures and parts through the superposition of successive layers of material, unlike traditional methods in which the material is removed rather than added.

Thanks to the incorporating of this technology into the production processes of industries, new applications of great interest are emerging and are opening up new possibilities in the design and manufacture of parts, components and machinery.

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