Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 5 de diciembre de 2017

III Thermal Treatment Technical Forum at IK4-AZTERLAN

Nearly 100 professionals from more than 70 companies and technology centres met at the IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre to celebrate III Thermal Treatment Technical Forum – Trater Day 2017.

This technical meeting aims to share the latest developments given in the field of thermal treatment technologies (HIP, cooling technologies, surface treatments, characterization, measuring, coatings...) with the main target of improving the competitiveness of the metal-mechanic sector.

The forum brought together industry technitians and experts around a working programa of great interest by means of the participation of companies such as TALENS SYSTEMS SL ETXE-TAR Group, CEIT-IK4, QUINTUS TECHNOLOGIES, A3TS (Assoc. de Traitement Thermique et de Traitement de Surface), OERLIKON BALZERS Spain, GHI Hornos Industriales, ONDARLAN INDUCTOTHERM GROUP IBERIA and TORRAVAL COOLING, SL, as well as the IK4-AZTERLAN Technology Centre.

That way the “Trater Day” Thermal Treatment Technical Forum settles as a meeting point for professionals, technicians and researchers specialised in the developmet of technologies for the thermal treatment field.

El investigador de IK4-AZTERLAN Garikoitz Artola en un momento de su presentación

Garikoitz Artola, researcher at IK4-AZTERLAN, during his presentation