Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 17 de noviembre de 2016

Technical Session: “Strategy and Competitiveness perspectives in the Metal-Mechanical Industry”

This meeting will take place in the IK4-AZTERLAN facilities on the 30th of November, from 9:30h to 12:00h

The metal-mechanic industry lives at a time where the opening of international markets and the rapid advance of new technologies have exponentially driven a growth in competitiveness between companies. This has led to a Sector that bets on high efficiency and productivity, as well on investments in knowledge, equipment and technology. These companies also face risks higher than in previous times, contextualized in a highly changing and hardly predictable environment.

In this competitive environment, which clearly supposes a paradigm shift, certain key perspectives such as cooperation, strategy, innovation and technological development emerge with force. These are some of the keys through which companies in our industry are developing a more competitive and differentiated value proposition.

This technical workshop counts with the presence of Institutions and Intermediate Agents, who will share with the audience their perspective of competitiveness in the sector. Also, specialists from top companies and organizations will present practical experiences of their evolution, diversification or change in their value proposition. The program is completed with the view of trends and technology strategies shared by important Research Centres.

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