Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 8 de junio de 2015

Technical Session “Metallurgy of cast iron. Competitiveness key factors and sectorial trends”

A total of 82 technicians from 38 companies have taken part in this technical working frame held at IK4-AZTERLAN on the 2nd of June.

With the collaboration of researchers from the Metallurgical Technical Centre IK4-Azterlan and specialists from Rio Tinto Iron & Titanium, this technical seminar allowed participants to have access to advanced metallurgical concepts, aimed to improve the competitiveness level of casting companies.

The working program has addressed the following topics of interest:

  • Metallurgical quality index as a tool to monitor the effect of certain critical elements of the metallic charge in the metallurgical quality of the melt and consequently, on the characteristics of final castings.
  • Latest evolutions related to the strategy Industry 4.0. Development and set up of tools and key technologies that support foundries to achieve an intelligent process management.
  • Research activities liked to the kinetics of the graphite expansion during solidification of cast iron that play a determining role in the generation of micro-shrinkage defects. A proper balance control of metal contraction vs graphite expansion during solidification allows the optimization of the process in terms of efficiency and internal soundness.
  • Analysis of the global foundry industry. Highlights and market trends.

The technical knowledge shared, the exchange of experiences raised by the different speakers, along with the outstanding participation of technicians and companies, have been some of the success elements of this important framework.

                                                                                        A remarkable number of technicians and companies shared this outstanding working frame