Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 10 de noviembre de 2014

Technical session: “Latest developments in welding operations of stainless steels. Shielding gases: trends and new applications”

This working session with companies will take place on November 13th at AZTERLAN Metallurgical Technical Centre.

Framed in the XX European Week for Advanced Management, the main objectives of this conference are focused on sharing basic metallurgical concepts associated to welding processes of stainless steels as well as to transmit advanced experiences in the use of shielding gases in MIG and TIG operations.

The application fields of stainless steels are in a constant growth. Their consumption is increasing day by day and occupies areas traditionally covered by other steel grades, responding to new industrial demands. The use of these materials in welding operations, not only require the choice of suitable welding consumables, but also suitable welding process or application in each case.

The technical session is programmed for technicians and experts from design & engineering departments, welding operators, companies involved in the use of advanced steels, heat treatment companies, maintenance specialists and auxiliary sector companies.