Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 18 de noviembre de 2016

Technical cooperation between Dresser-Rand (Guascor® motors) and IK4-AZTERLAN to improve the service life of their engines

The project is framed in the strategic line of the center for extreme service condition materials.

Gas engines and turbines are one of the most aggressive environments for metallic materials. Pistons, cylinder heads, foils, exhaust systems, combustion chambers… several components from these machines suffer severe thermo-chemical attack and mechanical fatigue. In this context, multiple cooperation opportunities for the development of new materials are identified for the development of new materials capable of improving engine and turbine performance and service life.

Dresser-Rand and Ik4-Azterlan cooperate in the PRECOMB R&D project with the support of the Basque Government within the Elkartek program.

Metallic structure of a material designed for high temperature applications