Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 3 de junio de 2016

Recognition to the research work from IK4-AZTERLAN within the 72nd World Foundry Congress

The research work “Kinetics of nucleation of graphite at different stages of solidification for nodular iron” presented by the researcher Pello Larrañaga has been recognized with the second bet paper award in this international working frame celebrated recently in Japan.

The World Foundry Organization gives a specific recognition of the 3 best technical papers presented in the program of the World Congress, that every two years brings together a high number of international specialists to share the latest developments in the casting technologies.

The common work from IK4-Azterlan along with the Ohio State University and Veigalan S.L.U. focuses on the analysis of the complex graphite nucleation process in nodular iron materials, emphasizing the role of MgS and TiC compounds as key elements within this nucleation development.

                                                                                     “Second Best Paper Award” recognition in the closing ceremony of the 72nd World Foundry Congress