Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 7 de julio de 2017

50 professionals from the industry share knowledge about structural characterization of metallic materials with LEICA Microsystems and IK4-AZTERLAN

A double workshop was held on June the 28th and 29th at the facilities of IK4-AZTELAN Metallurgical Research Centre, with the participation of technicians from companies, research centers and universities.

Under the title “From Macro to Micro and from Micro to Nano”, this technical working sessions shared knowledge about the most advanced microscopy techniques for the structural characterization of metallic materials.

Following a theoretical introduction by Mr. Dionís Diez (LEICA Microsystems) about basic concepts regarding optical microscopy, the workshop focused further on in digital image-forming techniques used in digital microscopy or specific examples of analytical microscopy (the electronic microscopy tool for microanalysis).

Mr. David Peña (IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Center), shared among participants some practical cases linked to the use of microscopy techniques. Mr. Peña shared some experiences about the possibilities that the different optical equipment provide.

The workshops ended up with a practical session that allowed to work with stereoscopic, digital and metallographic microscopes, as well as image acquisition and 2D and 3D measurement software.

The attendants could also analyze their own samples with the help of LEICA Microsystems and IK4-AZTERLAN experts.

Microscopy workshop video

Some moments regarding microscopy workshop

Ponentes de la jornada Fotos microscopia

Form left to right Alberto Torcal (Leica Microsystems), David Peña (IK4-AZTERLAN) and Dionís Díez (Leica Microsystems), also a session moment.