Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 9 de noviembre de 2018

Pello Larrañaga, researcher from IK4-AZTERLAN, presented his doctoral thesis focused on pearlite formation in heavy section ductile iron castings

Directed by Dr. Iñaki Hurtado (University of Mondragon) and Dr. Jacques Lacaze (Cirimat), the thesis “Microsegregation influence on pearlite formation in ferritic heavy section ductile iron castings” was recognized with a distinction of Excellent Cum Laude.

Pello Larrañaga, an expert in foundry technologies at IK4-AZTERLAN, has developed an extensive research work about the influence of micro-segregation on the precipitation of pearlite in ferritic heavy section ductile iron castings. Pearlite precipitation is a harmful phenomenon that has a negative influence in the fatigue and impact strength properties of the fully ferritic cast iron grades.

Pello Larrañaga tesis fundición

Pello Larrañaga (left), researcher at IK4-AZTERLAN, present his thesis to the evaluation committee (from left to right): Prof. Manuel Castro (Cinvestav), Dr. Jon Sertucha (IK4-AZTERLAN), Prof. Dr. Doru M. Stefanescu (Ohio University), Prof. Dr.Ing. Dierk Hartmann (Kempten University) and Dra. Gurutze Arruebarrena (Mondragon University).