Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 7 de febrero de 2017

KIMURA GROUP and IK4-AZTERLAN share their technological inquisitiveness.

A delegation from the japanese industrial group visited IK4-AZTERLAN’s facilites to explore several technological development lines which are aligned with the foundry sector.

Kimura Group outstands internationally as one of the most advanced foundry groups in terms of technological development. From the very beginning, Kimura has been a reference in terms of research and knowledge generation, positioning the company as a worldwide leader in full-mold technology. This innovative ADN that Kimura Group shares with IK4-Azterlan has been the catalyst to settle a close relationship between the two companies.

Thanks to this good interaction, the R&D teams from Kimura and IK4-Azterlan have shared their technological inquisitiveness following an intense working schedule. The synergies between them have led to the identification of research fields in which the cooperation between the Industrial Group and the Research Institute offers promising technological development opportunities.