Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 5 de julio de 2013

Jaguar-Land Rover delegation visits IK4-AZTERLAN facilities

An important representation of JAGUAR-LAND ROVER has visited the facilities of IK4-AZTERLAN, alongside with specialist from BATZ S. Coop. company.

The international car manufacturer delegation has seen at first hand the strong industrial and technological capacities of the industry in some areas of the Basque Country, together with the strategic value of the support that IK4-AZTERLAN provides to the automotive industry. The visit was part of one of the research and support lines that the Knowledge Center offers for the development of new metal sheet forming tools and components.

Visita Land Rover

                                                                                                             Visit from Jaguar-Land Rover along with technicians from Batz. S. Coop. and IK4-AZTERLAN

Jaguar-Land Rover members observed the work being carried out in different areas of the Center, showing special interest in the dynamic Industry-Research Center collaboration model, reflected in several development projects with the company Batz S. Coop.