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  • 18 de mayo de 2017

IX International Technical Foundry Forum (Bilbao Exhibition Centre / June 7th-8th 2017)

This technical meeting is organized by IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgical Technical Centre and the TABIRA FOUNDRY INSTITUTE. Recognized international experts and companies/entities from the casting industry will jointly address the challenges associated with the new Industry 4.0 technologies applied to the foundry sector by means of an outstanding work program.

Under the theme “Global challenges and 4.0 technologies for a competitive Foundry industry” the IX International Technical Foundry Forum will be held on June the 7th and 8th at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC). The two technical morning-sessions (9.00-14.00) will gather foundry industry professionals from around the globe belonging to leading companies, foundries, technological centres and universities.

The program will introduce topics of maximum interest trough the participation of recognized international specialists who will share some of the most advanced developments in Foundry, along with new demands and market trends in casting (design, materials,... etc).

Professionals from the companies SEAT S.A., FOSECO, ELKEM AS, ASK-CHEMICALS GmbH, SISTEPLANT, HTTENES ALBERTUS ILARDUYA, TU BERGAKADEMIE FREIBERG, SAKTHI Portugal SA, EXONE GmbH, ILT PLASMA TECHNOLOGIES S.L. and SAINT-GOBAIN, along with researchers from IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgical Centre and representatives from the WORLD FOUNDRY ORGANIZATION will also take part in the event.

The Forum includes the participation of public institutions, as well as the professional coverage of Media Partners like FUNDI PRESS and FOUNDRY TRADE JOURNAL.

The working agenda will coordinate as well an interesting round table with managers from the foundries FUCHOSA S.L., INFUN GROUP, LINGOTES ESPECIALES de VALLADOLID S.A., PYRSA and SAKANA S. COOP., who will exchange with the audience some advanced experiences related to key competitiveness factors for the sector.

Please find attached a link to the full program and registration form:

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