Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 21 de octubre de 2015

V International Press Hardening Technical Forum

The fifth edition of this international technical event had the participation of more than 125 technicians and specialists in this cutting edge transformation technology.

The hot stamping technology keeps on experiencing a spectacular growth (vehicle manufacturers progressively incorporate a greater number of such components in the BIW of their new designs), still with great challenges and opportunities for innovation.

The V International Press Hardening Technical Forum was celebrated on the 7th of October in the Automotive Intelligence Center and allowed attendees to have access to the latest innovations and developments in the different areas related to this advanced transformation technology, with the participation of a large number of companies from the stamping sector, counting as well with the presence of a significant number of car makers. 

The different areas of knowledge shared, the high level and expertise from the diverse speakers along with the practical interest and the innovation level of some of the topics addressed have been some of the main success elements of this technical meeting that has become an international reference among the industry.

We would like to highlight the active collaboration of national and international specialists belonging to leading companies such as GESTAMP, PRIMA POWER, OERLIKON SURFACE SOLUTIONS, SCHWARTZ GmbH, ARCELORMITTAL Europe, KIND & CO Edelstahlwerk, FAGOR ARRASATE S. COOP., HOTTEKNIK, BATZ S. COOP, and and the UNIVERSITY of the BASQUE COUNTRY (EHU/UPV) and IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Center.

V Forum de Estampación en caliente

                                                                                         A high number of companies took part this international working frame