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  • 3 de diciembre de 2018

The VI International Press Hardening Technical Forum gathers 120 technicians and experts to share latest innovations and developments associated to this novel transformation technology

Organized by IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre, the Tabira Foundry Institute and the Competitiveness Agency of Durangaldea, the 6th edition of the Forum has gathered technicians and professionals from more than 70 different organizations to share the main innovations and challenges regarding this transformation technology for the manufacturing of high requirement structural components from the automotive and aeronautical sectors.

120 professionals from the metal-mechanical industry met at the VI International Technical Press Hardening Forum held on November 29th at the Automotive Intelligence Centre with the aim of sharing latest innovations and trends linked to this advanced technology. Once again, the Forum was able to gather companies from the whole value chain involved in the press hardening technology.

As claimed by Mr. Garikoitz Artola, coordinator of the R&D Forming line at IK4-AZTERLAN, “even though this is a quite modern technology it has already achieved a significant maturity level and has great prospects, mainly because of the growing need to decrease the weight of vehicles and other structural components”.

Therefore, the meeting caught the interest of diverse industries such as stamping and forming companies, OEMs, press, furnaces & transfer equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, die tool makers or raw material suppliers. “Of course, we also had a more holistic view from a big stamping company like Gestamp and from press hardened product consumer industries”.

Representing the Competitiveness Agency of Durangaldea, Mr. Antón Gorriño highlighted the approach made towards hot forming of aluminum alloys and said that “it is an authentic revolution and an opportunity for those companies that can get closer to the technology, for the development of applications in the automotive and aerospace sectors”.

The technical contents of the event and the capacity of the working frame to bring together different views on this transformation technology have been some of the success keys of the event, as it allowed to display the development opportunities offered in this industrial environment.

The Forum has also allowed to visualize the synergies and collaboration opportunities between companies and innovation agents. In the words of Mr. Artola “although this technology has still a great development opportunity, there has been up to now a high secrecy level and closeness in the industry towards sharing and making public the innovations developed”. Anyway, “we can say that nowadays there is enough knowledge socialized, both in the industrial and in the scientific and research field. From that point onwards, it is now easier to put the focus of the research work in the development of new innovations and products that will help our industry to outstand in an international market”.

Garikoitz artola. tecnologías de conformado

The IK4-AZTERLAN researcher Garikoitz Artola during his presentation.

A technical working frame that takes place every two years

The International Press Hardening Technical Forum is a technical event organized every two years by IK4-AZTERLAN Technology Centre and the Tabira Foundry Institute.

As a technical working proposal, it is aimed at professionals from stamping, die manufacturing, equipment manufacturing and raw materials supplier companies, as well as for design and engineering companies, vehicle manufacturers and any companies interested in the potential of this technology. The forum is also targeted at researchers form technology centres and universities. The Forum wants to be a space to exchange knowledge by means of high quality technical experiences.

The 6th edition of this international meeting was sponsored by the company Estampaciones Durango S.A. and it had the active participation of first row organizations such as GESTAMP, BATZ S. COOP., FAGOR ARRASATE S. COOP., KIND & CO. Edelstahlwerk GmbH & Co. KG, GHI HORNOS INDUSTRIALES, ARCELORMITTAL EUROPE, OERLIKON BALZERS, ANÁLISIS Y SIMULACIÓN, ESI GROUP and the IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre.

The celebration of the 7th edition of the Forum will be held in 2020.