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  • 20 de junio de 2018

The European RESLAG project promotes marketing of waste streams from steel industries

In addition to the mapping of the slag streams from steelworks, the tool created within this challenging project facilitates the direct contact between the potential offer and demand of these kind of materials.

Recently has been published the web Reslag-Market, , which aims to locate waste streams from steel industries sorted by type, quantity and other parameters of interest. The web also allows end users to register purchase and sale offers of this waste.

This initiative is aligned with the objectives of the European project RESLAG for the revalorization of slag as a raw material for other innovative applications.

reslag web

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About European RESLAG Project

RESLAG "Turning waste from steel industry into a valuable low-cost feedstock for energy" is a European project financed by the H2020- WASTE (2014). Its main target is to valorise and reuse the black slags of steelworks in 4 innovative applications: 1) Extraction of high value non-ferrous metals, 2) Thermal energy storage material for heat recovery applications in industrial sectors, 3) Thermal energy storage material for solar energy concentration plants and 4) Feedstock for the manufacture of refractory materials. The demonstration of each one of the applications is carried out through the design and construction of demonstrators at pilot level.

RESLAG project is formed by a consortium of 19 participants from seven different European countries as well as from Morocco..