Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 21 de noviembre de 2014

IK4-AZTERLAN works in the development of the Metal Injection Moulding technology for aeronautic applications

This development addresses the challenges associated to the production stages of aeronautical components of high complexity, medium series and low weight, by the Metal Injection Moulding technology. The main objective of the ACCOMIM project is to improve properties and to optimize the current manufacturing technologies in terms of environmental impact and cost.

The aerospace industry is committed to improve the environmental impact of air traffic, to the search for sustainable alternatives in the construction of aircrafts as well as to optimize the manufacturing processes of a wide range of components and integrated subassemblies.

The trend is to move from almost unitary designed components and relatively short series, to modularity and standardization of these components, which entails a corresponding increase in the demand / quantity produced.
This is particularly the case of actuators or control mechanisms of external elements such as flaps, spoilers, ... etc. These components are a combination of complex metallic parts that up to now have been manufactured by traditional methods (for example milling and turning), presenting clear opportunities for optimization in terms of process and cost.

This ambitious project is part of the European Clean Sky Joint Undertaking program and counts with the participation of the companies Liebherr and Mimtech Alfa S.L., together with researchers from the center IK4-Azterlan, that will be working together over the next 18 months to fulfill this technological challenge.