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  • 16 de enero de 2023

AZTERLAN and the UNIVERSITY of DEUSTO signed a collaboration agreement that will promote scientific and technological cooperation between both organizations

Among other fields of collaboration, the agreement contemplates the creation of a technological classroom, "Aula-Tecnológica AZTERLAN-DEUSTO", that will train new talent through a practical experience in the development of industry 4.0 technologies for the metal-mechanic sector.

Sharing common areas of interest in the scientific and technological fields and, especially, when it comes to Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, this agreement offers the opportunity to continue collaborating and strengthening ties between both organizations with the main purpose of developing specialized talent for the metal transformation industries.

In the words of Dr. Garikoitz Artola, General Director of the Technology Centre, “AZTERLAN and the University of DEUSTO share a long history of collaboration that has led to successful results. We are aware of the synergies we have in common and the mutual value we can bring to each other. For AZTERLAN, the this agreement offers, without a doubt, a clear opportunity to strengthen our R&D+i and industrial transfer activity”.

One of the key points contemplated by the agreement consists of the creation of the "AZTERLAN-DEUSTO Technological Classroom", a space aimed at training new talent, as well as at transferring the new knowledge generated in the scientific-technological and academic fields to industrial and market challenges. As part of this program, a group of students from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto will collaborate with the AZTERLAN Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies team in the development of new technologies and solutions aimed at the metal industry.

"The metal-mechanical transformation industries, which includes sectors such as foundry, forging, stamping..., needs to incorporate new profiles and new knowledge to address some of its main challenges associated with digitization. Information and communication technologies is a key work space in which to continue innovating and developing new solutions to create more efficient and robust manufacturing processes, as well as a strong and competitive industry”.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of DEUSTO Asier Perallos indicates, “the AZTERLAN-DEUSTO Technological Classroom is for us a very valuable instrument to complement the training of our students. This experience will allow them to enrich their undergraduate and/or master's studies through real experiences and through the development of real products, in this case, products aimed at the metal industry”.

The agreement signed by both organizations has an initial duration of 3 years and, in addition to the creation of the Technological Classroom, contemplates other areas of collaboration such as teacher training and the provision of educational content or the implementation of agreements for business practices and dual training, among others.

Aula Tecnologica AZTERLAN Deusto

Asier Perallos, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Garikoitz Artola, General Director of AZTERLAN, sign the collaboration agreement.

Aula Tecnologica AZTERLAN Deusto

From left to right the representatives of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto Pablo García, Vice Dean of Foreign Relations, and Asier Perallos, Dean, together with PhD. Susana Méndez, Director of Foundry Technologies at AZTERLAN, and PhD. Garikoitz Artola, Director General of AZTERLAN.