Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 20 de marzo de 2017

IK4-AZTERLAN takes part in the 2nd South African Metal Casting Conference”

Gauteng (South Africa) has recently hosted the most important international foundry technical event from Africa, which took place from the 14th to the 17th of March 2017. Organized by the South African Foundry Institute (SAIF), the University of Johannesburg, The Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS), the National Foundry Technology Network (NFTN) and the World Foundry Organization (WFO), 300 international technicians and researchers participated in the event to share the latest developments related to casting technologies.

Mr. Ramón Suárez (IK4-AZTERLAN R&D Manager) and Mr. Alberto Montenegro (Managing Director of the company AMV Soluciones), presented the work “A new simulation system with the inclusion of metallurgical quality in the production line” within the official technical program of the Congress.

This technical work is part of an important research line from IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgical Research Center associated to the development of predictive metallurgical control tools applied to the iron casting processes.