Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 18 de octubre de 2016

IK4-AZTERLAN takes part in a leading research consortium to manufacture high performance brake discs for high speed rail transportation.

The aim of the PYRCAST Project is the development of a new generation premium brake discs characterized by increased braking capacity and greater security, reliability, and service life, along with lower inspection and maintenance costs.

High speed railway transportation is characterized by extreme technical demands which are permanently increasing. The consortium formed by the companies PIEZAS Y RODAJES S.A., ASK CHEMICALS S.A.U., EHU/UPV and the Metallurgical Technical Center IK4-AZTERLAN works on improving the performance of brake discs for high-speed trains within the PYRKAST Project (Expedient RTC-2016-4880-4) financed by the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry (MINECO) in the frame of the Program RETOS-COLABORACIÓN 2016.

IK4-Azterlan provides its technological capabilities for the development and consolidation of this important market, with a remarkable support in the design and manufacture of high-performance products for the international market.