Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 18 de octubre de 2017

IK4-AZTERLAN Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Defined the new Strategic Plan for IK4-AZTERLAN that will allow the Technology Centre to improve its capacities and will consolidate the technological support provided to the metal-mechanical industry. A shared project aimed to generate value to the industry through specialization and technological leadership.

The Strategic Plan from IK4-AZTERLAM Technology Centre has four main strategic working lines with 10 objectives and 26 activities involved in the improvement of its capabilities for the period 2017-2020:

  • Technological specialization: Generate knowledge and provide technological support to industrial companies.
  • Positioning in the market: Disseminate the capabilities of the Technology Centre and improve its position in the market.
  • Organizational model and persons: Promote leadership and professional development of the human team from the Technology Centre.
  • Efficient and responsible management: Guarantee a sustainable future for the activity.