Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 13 de julio de 2017

IK4-AZTERLAN researcher Maider Muro presented her doctoral thesis on advanced tooling for hot stamping

Directed by Prof. Dr. Carlos Angulo Duque and Prof. Dr. Antonio Gorriño Vicandi (Mechanical Engineering Department), the thesis “Development of new generation tools for the improvement of dimensional and mechanical characteristics of hot-stamped components” was recognized with a distinction of Excellent Cum Laude by the evaluators.

More than two years of intense work focused on the analysis and the development of various areas of knowledge related to the life in service of hot-stamping tools have allowed to give response to one of the main problems related with this advanced transformation technology. Part of this extensive work has been done in collaboration with the company GESTAMP.

Maider Muro Tesis doctoral IK4 AZTERLAN

Maider Muro, IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Center researcher, in the begining of the presentation of her doctoral thesis.