Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 27 de julio de 2020

AZTERLAN promotes sustainable mobility by joining the Bike2Work program

The Metallurgical Research Center thus joins the initiative promoted by the Council of Durangaldea to promote the use of the bicycle in the region. A project that is part of the Cycle Friendly Employer certification of international reference.

Created by the European Federation of Cyclists and supported by the European Union, Bike2Work aims to strengthen the use of the bicycle as a "more sustainable and healthy" form of mobility when going to the workplace.

By implementing this initiative in the region, the Council wishes to make Durangaldea the first territory with the Cycle Friendly Employer official certification, for which it has the involvement and commitment of various public administrations, organizations and local companies in this initiative.

As explained by Mrs. Mireia Elkorobide, President of the Council of Durangaldea, “although the commitment of the Council to promote the use of the bicycle goes beyond the workplace, companies and organizations can undoubtedly play a key role as facilitators and promoters of this type of mobility among their staff and as awareness-raising agents ”.

In this context, the commitment of AZTERLAN to promote sustainable mobility and the use of the bicycle will result in different actions and activities to be implemented in a coordinated manner within this outstanding project led by the Council of Durangaldea, for which it has been defined the roadmap for the next three years.

Mrs. Mireia Elkoroiribe, President of the Durangaldea Council, recognizes the incorporation of AZTERLAN to this initiative to Mrs. Maider Muro, internal coordinator or "Bike Hero" of the Technology Centre