Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 23 de mayo de 2019

IK4-AZTERLAN presents the latest 4.0 industry innovations developed by the technology centre at the 2019 Mexican Foundry Day

The technical meeting gathered professionals linked to the foundry industry to share the latest innovations and technological advances of the industry.

On May 23rd a new edition of the Mexican Foundry Day has been held in Queretaro (Mexico) gathering technicians and experts linked to the industry with the aim of sharing innovative knowledge, technologies and experiences in the field of casting processes.

This are the different areas of interest discussed in this edition of the event: advanced transformation technologies for aluminum and iron foundry, molten metal treatments and other associated processes, advanced management of residues and 4.0 technologies and advanced process control data management.

The IK4-AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre took part in the official program of the event with the presentation “Computer technologies for the 4.0 foundry industry”. Researcher Raymundo del Campo, IK4-AZTERLAN, shared with the audience how intelligent data management and simulation and control tools can improve foundry processes “directly impacting on lower defect apparition and improving the manufacturing process”.

During his speech, del Campo also presented some of the innovations of the Technology Centre in the field of 4.0 foundry technologies such as: the SENTINEL platform for the predictive control of foundry processes run by artificial intelligence, and the tools SALOMON (software dedicated to the multi-variable advanced analysis of casting process), THERMOLAN (metallurgical quality predictive control tool) and EIDOCALC (simulation software of the metallurgical quality during solidification process developed along with AMV).

Computer technologies for 4.0 industry

Researcher Raymundo del Campo during his presentation “Computer technologies for the 4.0 foundry industry”