Metallurgy Research Centre

  • 28 de junio de 2019

IK4-AZTERLAN to present new disruptive foundry models at the 4.0 Foundry Challenges technical event

The technical workshop will consist of a morning session were new technologies for the foundry industry will be presented. Also, case studies of experiences linked to the implementation of 4.0 technologies in foundry will be shared among participants.

The Basque Country and Navarre Foundrymen Association (AFV) has organized a technical event on foundry oriented on 4.0 technologies that will be held on July 9th at the Gran Hotel Durango (Biscay). The meeting is aimed for technicians and professionals of the foundry industry, in order to share experiences linked to the implementation and integration of 4.0 technologies to improve the performance in casting processes . 

In representation of IK4-AZTELAN Metallurgy Research Centre, Argoitz Zabala, coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technological Solutions research line, will share innovative disruptive 4.0 foundry models based on the “knowledge economy”. Argoitz will present the audience how to generate and manage knowledge to obtain economical profitability. The IK4-AZTERLAN researcher will also show examples of actual 4.0 technology implementations that are carrying significant competitive improvements along with examples of successful integrations.

The complete program of the event, as well as the registration procedure, can be found in the following link.